Fine Organics Corporation: Environmentally and User Friendly Industrial Chemical Cleaners and Related Specialty Products

Environmentally and User Friendly Industrial Chemical Cleaners and Related Specialty Products



Product Description
Envirosolv®650 Semi-Aqueous, Micro-Emulsion, water dilutable and free rinsing. All metal safe. Heavy-duty. Biodegradable. No odor. No SARA III or VOC reportable. Non-flammable.
Specialty Paint Strippers and Coating Removers developed to replace highly flammable MEK and other ketones for removal of a wide variety of wet and uncured industrial paints and coatings.
FO®2257 Defoamer, Water-Based, Non-Silicone. Prevents excessive foam in high alkaline, high temperature cleaning systems. Highly concentrated.
HEXTAB 2NP Toilet Deodorant/Cleaner for recirculating transit toilet. Tablet type, two 2 oz. tablets per foil pack. Long-lasting blue dye and pleasant floral perfume. Cleaner prevents waste matter build-up on walls of toilet unit.
REDIKLEEN 11 Portioned Controlled Cleaner in PVA Dissolvable Packets. Each packet makes 3 to 5 gallons of heavy-duty general purpose cleaner. Contains no phosphates or hazardous materials. Biodegradable. No mixing required. Packaged in 72 x 4 oz. case.
FO®2104 Graffiti Remover. Non-halogenated. Formulated for masonry, brick, tile and porous surfaces. Removes graffiti completely without leaving a shadow.
FO®2112-30 Graffiti Barrier, Polymers Type. Formulated to act as sacrificial coating on exterior/interior wall surfaces. Coating and graffiti is removed with pressure spray.
Environmentally and User Friendly Gas Leak Detector. Will not freeze to minus 10° F. Generating large, stable, long-lasting bubbles at very low pressure to pinpoint gas leak areas in fittings, joints and open areas.
FO3024SV® FO3024-SV® Efflorescence Remover is an user and environmentally friendlier product as compared to hydrochloric acid. Unlike hydrochloric acid, it does not emit obnoxious fumes, and can be used comfortably in confined spaces. It’s a ready to use, heavy duty, odorless liquid that removes heavy build-ups as well as aged efflorescence from a wide variety of stone, concrete, and masonry surfaces. It will efficiently remove efflorescence from vertical and horizontal surfaces, and can be used effectively on exterior and interior surfaces.
FO®Release II Asphalt Hot Mix Release Agent formulated for asphalt haul delivery trucks. Replaces diesel fuel as a release agent. Detergent based, non-hazardous, highly concentrated, economical to use at 30:1 with water.