Fine Organics Corporation: Environmentally and User Friendly Industrial Chemical Cleaners and Related Specialty Products

Environmentally and User Friendly Industrial Chemical Cleaners and Related Specialty Products

Company Profile

Fine Organics is a privately held corporation located in Clifton, New Jersey. Established in 1939, Fine Organics has been under the current management since 1986. Prior to 1986, Fine Organics was part of the Chemical Group of Hexcel Corporation, a world wide Aerospace and Specialty Chemical Company located in San Francisco, California.

Fine Organics’ headquarters in Clifton, New Jersey includes Administrative, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Research and Development / Technical Service Laboratories and Accounting Departments. The FO®, Envirosolv®, John B. Moore, Zodiac and Omega product lines of Fine Organics are manufactured in the metropolitan New York area. Fine Organics also has toll blending arrangements with several chemical contract manufacturers in all regions of the country. All products are manufactured to Fine Organics’ exacting specifications. Quality control of all outside blended Fine Organics products is subject to approval by our Specialty Industrial Cleaning Application Laboratory prior to packaging and shipment to the customer, or to one of our stocking warehouse locations. Fine Organics Quality Assurance is in accordance with Federal Standard 268 A and ASQC Standard C-1 1985.

Fine Organics provides specialty products to a wide variety of government agencies at all levels. Many of our products have National Stock Numbers (NSNs), appear on various Government Agency QPL Lists, and meet various Military Specifications. In addition, many of Fine Organics’ products are manufactured in accordance with military specifications. Fine Organics military cage code is 05867.

Fine Organics currently provides the products referenced in this website to a wide variety of industries including: Automotive, Aviation, Electronics, Manufacturing, Marine, Metalworking, Printing, Power Utility, Transportation, and to virtually any Private Sector or Government Entity that requires specialty industrial cleaners.

Our mission is to provide problem solving, safer, more environmentally and user friendly specialty chemical cleaners for a myriad of industrial cleaning applications. We welcome your industrial cleaning problems, and look forward to working with you to solve them.